Our skill enables us to create both classical and contemporary paintings. Our catalogue includes copies (oil on canvas) from famous painters and the use of plastic, resins and lighting effects. We have a complete catalogue of wooden frames, each of them available in different colours.


A moulding is a strip of material with various profiles used to cover transitions between different surfaces or for decorations. Our mouldings are handmade of polystyrene, then hardened and finished with any kind of decorative effects. Further profiles -not yet decribed in our catalogue- can be requested. Our sculptures -decorative reliefs and inscriptions- are made of M.D.F. or of a dense foam; they are lighter than marble and wood. Any kind of finishing effects is available. You can request logos and testimonials.

Our screens embellish any space, dividing without closing a room completely. Thanks to the fretwork, light makes a fascinating pattern of shadows. We are able to create unique pieces of any size or also modules that can be combined. Screens can be fixed to the walls or used to separate spaces.


Our stickers are original decorations suitable for those who like to renew spaces, inspired to the latest trends. There is a wide choice of fashionable colours, and different textures, such as carbon or leather are also available. Our decals are easy to apply on walls, glass, metal and wood, and resist through long years. Thanks to our masterhood in computer drawings, every subject is fully detailed. Every image is also available as negative and can be used as masking stencil. COLLAGE decorazioni is a professional applicator of Tattoo Wall, an innovative technology, fast and effective to enhance and customize all indoor and outdoor spaces. This new product enable us to decorate huge areas in a very short time. This technique allows application on any surface: plaster, cement, crude funds, scratched plaster and exposed brick with roughness up to 7-8 mm.


The most classic among our art skills is trompe l'oeil -French for "deceive the eye"- a famuos technique involving realistic imagery, in order to create the optical illusion that the painted objects exist in three dimensions. We can paint on a wall or on canvas, which can be stuck on the wall like a traditional wallpaper. Faux marbles are also available.


Ecodesign is a growing responsibility and understanding of our ecological footprint on the planet. It is something new and amazing that moves from Fine Arts to reach the green and amusing world of design, with an eye on ecology. Fine Arts and decoration, ecology and design work together to produce unique and useful household items; in this section you can find some of our eco-objects.


In this section you can find our projects and drawings.